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Go Green - Green Plants for Green Buildings

Interior Plant Design in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Our plantscaping business in Virginia Beach, Virginia, provides creative and affordable interior plant design services.

Interior Plants

Studies have shown that live plants increase the productivity of workers and reduce "sick building" syndrome. In fact, NASA® has conducted studies that show that tropical plants actually do clean the air. Mr. Greenjeans Plant Factory offers interior design with indoor tropical plants and containers in a professional environment. We come to your building to make recommendations for plants that enhance your environment and live well in your setting. Allow us to help you choose containers that match your décor. Our team even prepares proposals for you with pictures.

Green & Guaranteed Services

Rely on a plant company that guarantees their plants. If they outgrow your space or there is another issue, we replace your plants for you. We are experts at knowing which plants do well in each environment. Don't want live plants? We also do interior design with replica plants. In addition, plants and containers are available for lease or purchase. Rent a plant for your next special event, whether it's a trade show or a wedding. They are very affordable. We also have tenant gifts available.

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